TLS 2200/TLS PC Link statisch absorberende polyimidelabels

Printable, static dissipative polyimide labels for the TLS2200® & TLS PC Link™ Thermal Transfer Portable Printers. Please Note: This material is UL approved with its respective ribbon. See the Recommended Ribbon Series for the appropriate ribbon to use. TLS2200® parts can also be printed on the BMP™71 Label Printer provided the roll adapter (M71-ADAPT) is used.
€ 97,19
Meer informatie
Goossaert Nr. 210000924
Materiaal Polyimide
Lengte (mm) 0
Lengte (m) 0
Kleur Wit
Hoogte (mm) 9,53
Dikte (mm) 0,084
Diepte (mm) 0
Breedte (mm) 25,4
Brady artikelnummer 134294
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